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Comprehensive List of Safety Tips for Garage Doors

07/01/2015 Back To Blog

Being safe can save you a lot of headache in the future (literally and figuratively). If you own a garage door, you're going to need to have a solid list of things to look out for, especially if you have children. Note that to avoid any kind of injury let your family and everyone else in your household know the same basic facts (it may save you a serious medical bill). Read on below to get the best out of your purchase and ensure ultimate safety for years to come.Safe Garage Doors

 The Important Ones

 *The garage door is not some sort of larger than life toy. You'd be surprised at how many garage door injuries occur because someone got a little too excited with the remote or felt like challenging the closing/opening time. More times than not, simple common sense can avoid such disasters and possibly save a life (or limb).

 * Never, under any circumstance, let a child play with the garage remote or other controls related to its operation. This opens a whole can of worms that can end in a lot of frustration, sadness, and bodily harm. Be responsible with your remote and keep thegarage operator in check at all times – don't let the remote fall into the wrong hands.

 * This one is something you'd think is obvious, but it's really not to some people. Do not stand, sit or lay beneath a moving garage door. Never try to escape in the nick of time by betting odds against the door and trying to race out. This is just inviting harm.

 Don't Forget These

 * Stand behind (or in front) of the garage door at all times until it has completely closed. You want to have a tally of everything that went under the door during its procedure, which should be nothing. If a door malfunction occurs, you need to have surroundings and any obstacles fully checked. If leaving before the door has finished its cycle, risk your pet or child getting stuck underneath the door if something becomes faulty in it. Don't do this.

 * Do not play with the garage door electrical components, wires or its system. These run very high wattages and voltages which can pose a serious danger. Treat it exactly like any other appliance that uses electricity and you'll be fine.

 * If the instance occurs that your car has somehow managed to back into the garage door, get it inspected immediately. Your car is a lot heavier and stronger than the door's machinery and likely something got jammed, bent, snapped or broken. Having it inspected will prevent the unexpected surprise of having to pay for a new operator or door components.

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