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Clopay Garage DoorsClopay Garage Doors Are Eco-Friendly

Energy efficient garage doors are a real benefit to your pocket and everyday life. In an effort to keep consumers satisfied and have a clear conscious towards the environment, Clopay has strict eco rules during the construction, disposal and transportation of garage doors. Who wouldn't respect such endeavors? “Garage Door Repair Union City” certainly does! Our company trusts the quality of Clopay garage doors and also believes in the great advantages of insulated doors.

Insulation doors are chosen based on the local weather conditions of your home and your personal needs. As an overall, they help you save energy and keep excellent temperatures inside your home. If you consider that the garage door opening is huge, you cannot ignore the fact that it will affect the temperatures of the entire house. Such choices have a positive effect on the environment and some options, like composite materials, need minimum maintenance.

Clopay has a way to keep up with environmental rules

One way of being environmentally friendly is by manufacturing garage doors of faux wood. The Coachman and Grand Harbor collection of steel doors are resistant to elements. They won't crack, rot or warp. They are low maintenance garage door options and can have up to four panel layers and energy efficiency up to 18.4 r-value. The Reserve wood door collection is made of timber from re-plant forests for the avoidance of the destruction of green lands. Steel gauge ranges from 24 to 27 and the doors are coated with baked-on primer and finishes after they have been gone from the process of hot dipped galvanizing.

Polyurethane or polystyrene materials are used for the insulation of the doors. When there are more than two layers, some can be insulated and some can be non-insulated depending on one's needs. Some garage doors have an extra thermal break to keep temperatures from being transferred from outside to inside. Clopay gives great attention to the proper insulation of the panels on both sides so that dents can be avoided and for higher energy efficiency. Naturally, all window frames as well as the frames of glass doors have excellent quality and replaceable weather seals for extra protection. The amazing thing is that glass garage doors are also insulated as well as the glass panel of the windows.

Such careful attention to eco details ensures that your new garage doors will be green. It is admirable that Clopay utilizes special computer programs to monitor fuel efficiency to minimize fuel emissions. It makes constant efforts to find new ways to minimize packaging materials and recommends the best places for the disposal of different garage door parts depending on their material. Such efforts are surely encouraging for the future generations and recommendable for eco-friendly advocates. Contact our company if you need more information about Clopay!

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