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Genie Garage Door Openers

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Genie Garage Door OpenersThe Excellence of Genie Garage Door Openers

Properties up and down the country have relied on Genie garage doors for years. There is a simple reason for this reliance: the Genie brand brings together the unique combination of traditional and modern approaches in order to deliver power and efficiency. Of course, the logical settings for the parts and the detailed instructions that come with the products mean that they are some of the easiest to use during maintenance. If installed correctly, there is no reason why Genie cannot give you years of wonderful service on your property.

Available Products

The genius of Genie is the clear distinction between the main opener and the accompanying accessories. In effect the consumer is able to access support by way of the accessories that make the main part work even better. Some of the innovations that have recently come on the market include the wireless keypad, a popular choice for today’s consumer that is invariably tech-addicted. Unsurprisingly, the Genie product line is user friendly so there is no need to be intimidated by the wide variety that is available. The Silver Genie scheme grants the member even wider access to this product line.


Genie openers are noted for the fact that they are equally comfortable in a residential or commercial setting. Perhaps this is a result of the sturdy design and the flexibility that has been deliberately incorporated into the products. The brand operates a very strict supply ethics program which means that you get the very best from their selection regardless of whether you are an occasional or long term client. Customers in the USA and Canada are at a particular advantage because Genie products are invariably compliant with all their local safety requirements.

Common Problems

Some Genie products require specific programming which consumers might find intimidating but that is precisely what we are able to do on your behalf.  The 140V DC Motors that are typical of Genie openers require specialized maintenance which will require care and attention. However it must also be noted that the TriloG 1500 Opener is able to withstand many months of use without significant maintenance so that particular disadvantage is manageable with due diligence. Other clients also worry about the different types of batteries but there are interstate options that can be used quite easily.

Maintenance Tips

Test the Motion detection lighting from time to time using an object. Ensure that you use 100 watt bulbs for the best functionality. The belt and chain drive require particular cleaning because of the moving parts. Use lubricants smartly so as not to impede the functionality of the opener. As a general rule, ensure that you have the owner’s manual with you at all time because it contains lots of practical and useful information.

Services and Support

Garage Door Repair Union City is more than happy to help you with maintenance in this respect. We arrange for call-outs at your convenience and give you comprehensive advice on the best ways of using this unique product.

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