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You will love our garage door tips for their practicality and usefulness. Every time you want to make a new decision regarding your garage door or handle basic issues, you will go back to our tips. They are helpful and written in a way so that everyone can understand them with ease. Home maintenance will never be the same with these garage door repair tips. Learn from the best.

Battling the cold weather

At times when the weather is extremely chilly, garage doors often take a day’s off as well. This is especially true when the extreme cold has frozen the functionality of the garage door opener. Garage Door Repair Union City says that homeowners can battle the situation by adjusting the pressure points needed for a total smooth raising and lowering the opener.

Do not allow anybody to play within the vicinity of the garage door

Especially when it is open, garage doors can malfunction and cause serious accidents, so do not let anybody play within the area of the garage door as it can suddenly close and pin down whoever is under it and can cause big harm and serious injuries.

Take precautions with torsion springs

Garage door torsion springs are under high pressure and tightly wound all the time. It's better to touch them unless you know what you're doing. The torsion spring needs to be under high pressure for its smooth functioning, so removing a bolt or plug from the door can interfere with the working of the spring and this can be a potential safety hazard.

Not all galvanized components are best

Many garage door parts are manufactured with stainless steel and this is ideal for consumers, who don't want to deal with rust problems. Though, galvanized garage door torsion springs are not usually recommended since they are more fragile, more expensive and they won't last for long. Remember that galvanized components would still need lubrication maintenance.

Listen to the sounds

Garage doors make sounds as they move to open or close your garage, but there are certain sounds that you have to watch out for. According to our specialists, if you hear loud sounds that are painful to the ear, there might be rust building up on the hinges or the tracks are not properly lubricated.

Never race under a moving door

Our door specialists recommend that you never walk or stand under a moving door. You should instruct your children to avoid doing this as well. In addition, you should never exit or enter the garage by racing under a moving door, as the door may hit you and cause injury.

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