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This is the place to find information. You can browse through common garage door repair FAQs.

What do I do if my remote control gets stolen?

A lost garage door clicker is rather an emergency situation because anyone who can have access to your garage would also have access to your car and the entire home. You need to replace the garage remote opener as soon as possible and in the meantime you need to brief your family and perhaps the police about the missing remote controls and keep the door between the garage and house locked.

Why intruders love garage doors?

Don't forget that huge garage doors may be weak due to their size and intruders know how to find a small gap and are aware that people forget to replace the bottom seal. That's why it is important to check the garage door parts often and take care of garage door repairs before you allow home invasions due to negligence. Intruders know well that most homeowners don't follow the rules and take advantage of the situation.

Why do we need brackets?

Garage door brackets may be small in size but very vital garage door parts since they will secure the other components against the wall, ceiling or door frame. For example, torsion springs and openers are both secured with brackets and that's why they are stable. Otherwise, they will be loose and move as the door is moving.

Should I go for insulation or aluminum frames for my garage door?

Our experts believe that depends entirely on the situation. If you feel the climate is mostly unsuitable for your vehicle, insulation is the way to go. Any other situation and the aluminum frame will prove to be the superior choice.

What can you use to keep garage door parts clean?

Surprisingly, you do not need fancy cleaning solutions for the moving parts of a garage door. A regular household detergent mixed with water is often enough, especially against the hardened grease that may get in the way of smooth operation.

What features should I look for while buying a garage door?

Apart from the colors and style of the door, you need to consider door with windows to let in natural light inside the garage. The panel should be selected from flush, raised and painted types as required for your home. To know about the best garage door and the advanced features, you can get advice from the specialist at Garage door repair Union City.

Which parts are worn first?

If we are talking about natural wear of garage door parts, springs are the ones to wear first. They are designed to last for a shorter period of time than other parts and since their job is to carry the heavy weight of the overhead door, it's not strange that they get damaged soon.

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