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Everything You Need to Know about Remote Controls

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Several homeowners in California lock their garage doors in the traditional way or use a keypad, which requires entering a certain password to open the door but, as an overall, most people prefer the convenience offered by a garage door clicker. It is really very easy communicating with the opener through a button when there is pouring rain outside or you want to remain within the safety of your car when you are opening the door.

Get to know the remotes

* Most home owners can change the batteries of remote controls on their own since they only have to check what batteries the devices take and supply them from a hardware store or garage door repair caompany.

* You should get a modern multicode remote that embodies the rolling code technology because it will offer you more safety.

* If you have multiple openers, you should get special remotes that can operate them all instead of getting multiple devices.

* You must keep the remotes perfectly clean both inside and outside. You will only have to remove the cover and clean the inner circuit, but you must be very careful with the wires.

Protect the remotes, protect your home

In reality, your garage opener remote is the keys to your house and not an accessory that you can show off to your friends or leave it around in a coffee house or restaurant. You should keep it in a safe place or even your pocket and avoid leaving it in the car, especially if you are leaving your car in public parking lots. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Protect your children and the remote

It goes without saying that the garage door opener transmitter is not a toy and your safety may rely on its good operation. At the same time, you must protect your children and never leave them play with the remote because accidents are about to happen when the garage door becomes a game. When you keep remotes away from your children's hands, you are saving their lives and ensure the security of your home as well.

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