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Why You Should Not Use Old Garage Door Tracks

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

We all find ways to save money and lessen our expenses in everything that we do. Garage door repair is not exempted in our goal of doing anything just to save a few dollars from the original amount of expenses. Oftentimes when we need parts of the door to be replaced like the panels or other sections, we want to keep the old garage door tracks and still use it to lessen the expenses. It is actually important to know that doing that would only cause more expenses because using old tracks can be very dangerous.Why You Should Not Use Old Garage Door Tracks

Each and every garage door track is designed for a specific door model. The door and the tracks should be perfectly matched for it to function smoothly and to prevent problems or malfunctions. There may be some doors that are manufactured with adjustable tracks with gussets but you must know that it can only set a door to open and close at a certain distance. If the track is not compatible with the garage door, the tendency is that the door will get stuck and all the other parts may be affected.

If you are using an electric garage door opener and the tracks and door do not match, the door may open and close constantly and may cause the door to come off the tracks. If this happens, the garage door cables may snap because of the pressure and that could be really dangerous. When the door suddenly falls, apart from causing serious injuries or even death, it can also damage your property. The main purpose of saving when you use old tracks is not at all true because you are bound to have more expenses if you do that.

Make sure you are in the right track

Just remember that when there is a need to replace your garage doors, make sure that the tracks that will be installed is the right match so you will not encounter any future problem. Most of the new sets of doors already include the track needed for the door to function smoothly.

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